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Corporate Events

Corporate Events





Your event is an awesome, unique, one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime, unforgettable, incredible, talk about it, tweet-able, instagram worthy celebration!

Well, at least it should be!

With the right planning, a great venue, yummy food, and of course…awesome music & entertainment…it will be!

With a rich background in the hospitality industry, and over 20 years specializing in wedding and event entertainment…Klay Tate has the knowledge, skills, experience, creativity, and the passion to help create an awesome, unique, one-of-a-kind, once in a lifetime, unforgettable, incredible, talk about it, tweet-able, instagram worthy experience for you and your guests!

About Klay

From restaurant waiter, to nightclub DJ, to entertainment director for a hospitality consulting firm, to musician/entertainer in live music venues throughout Western Canada … the early part of my career in entertainment & hospitality provided me with priceless experience!

For more than 20 years I have owned and operated my own mobile DJ entertainment business. I believe that my experience, positive attitude, playful humor, professional delivery, and passionate commitment to service… help me to create a memorable connection with my clients & audiences. I am a dedicated professional who strives to exceed expectations with every event that I do.

I love what I do, and would love to have an opportunity to do what I do…for you!”

~ Klay

A little Q&A for Klay:

Where will you travel to?
I travel wherever my clients need me to be! Whether here in Alberta, another province, or another country.

What services do you offer?
One of a kind MC & DJ entertainment, Stress free event planning tools, Dance lighting, Up-lighting, Surround sound, Big screen video, Superfun photo-booth, and whatever it takes to help make your event the best it can be!

What size of events can you do?
I have entertained at events of all sizes. However, as an entertainer and a host…my absolute favorite events are gatherings of under 150 people. The smaller the event…the easier it is to create better “connection”, interaction, and a more memorable experience!

How much do you charge?
7+ hour packages start at $1,795 + gst. This gives you everything you need to have an awesome event. However, every event is unique, and every client has their own individual vision of what they want their event to be. Let’s have a chat. Once I know more about you and your ideas, wants, and needs…then I can put all those details together in a package that will suit you perfectly!

What is your favorite color?
That’s nice of you to ask. It’s blue. But please let’s just focus on you.

If you have some questions of your own…go to the contact page so we can get the conversation started.