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You’ve done the organizing, the advertising, you’ve sold the tickets, and the venue is all set to go. That should be enough right? Well, that’s just the first half. What happens next is what will keep attendees at the event and buying tickets for next year.

The food & drink service and the entertainment must be on point. If the food is no good, they will remember, and they may not buy tickets for next time. If drink service is slow or lacking…they may not stay as long due to the frustration of having to wait. If the entertainment (band, or a DJ) is too loud, or not playing to the crowd…they may leave early… and not stay to bid on auction items, buy drinks, 50/50 tickets, or even tickets for next time.

I can’t help you with the food and drinks. But I can provide the following services that will help make your Fundraiser a success:

  • Early set up completed prior to guest arrival.
  • Just the right cocktail/dinner/dance music, at just the right volume.
  • Hands-on sound production throughout (no awkward silences).
  • Priceless MC services.
  • Surround sound (To make sure everyone hears every detail at a comfortable volume).
  • Big/small video screens for presentations (and added entertainment value).
  • Interactive DJ entertainment.
  • Photo booth for keepsakes, and increased sociability (a great sponsor branding opportunity).
  • Complimentary cool-down music at the end of the night (while we pack up).
  • Backup equipment (for guaranteed performance).

Packages start at $1,795 + gst.

(special incentives and pricing for registered charities).

Contact Klay to discuss your event.


Here are some helpful fundraising ideas…